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ART 1012 - Form, Space, & Color

ART 1012 is one of four module-based classes taught at East Carolina University as a part of its Shared Experiences program. In these modules, first year students are taught the principles of art and design through exposure to the twelve different mediums that the School of Art & Design offers, with three mediums per module. In this module, students learn the concepts of form, space, and color through photography, painting, and sculpture. 

Over a period of nine classes, students are taught about these principles and how to identify and utilize these them through the use of a camera. Additionally, proper camera etiquette and foundational techniques are taught to ensure that students are taking photographs that are visually appealing and technically sound. Within the module, students are tasked with completing four assignments that show their understanding of these concepts:

  • 6 Elements of Design - students are tasked with taking photographic examples of line, shape, color, contrast, texture, and frame within a frame.

  • Dominant Color - students are taught color theory and tasked with creating two photographic images where each color of the rainbow is the dominant or emphasized color.

  • Form & Shape - through the use of direct and diffused light, students are tasked with photographing ten objects where light is used to emphasize the form of an object.

  • Origami Takeover - students are tasked with creating origami structures, then using them to create a story in ten photographs using their origami structures. At least one photograph must include all of their origami pieces for a take over effect.

6 Elements of Design

Dominant Color

Form & Shape

Origami Takeover

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