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In March of 2020, the coronavirus epidemic came to Boone where I was in undergraduate school at Appalachian State University.  It was announced that Spring Break would be extended by a week, and afterwards all classes would be conducted online for the remainder of the semester.  This was a shock to everyone - how would we complete our classes, especially studios?  Students and teachers alike were thrust into a new reality and left to ponder how the rest of the semester would go.  I created two bodies of work from this experience, a series of still-life images focusing on items that were now a part of our every day life, and a series of self-portraiture to show my mental state and growing angst of being stuck in my apartment during the earliest parts of lockdown while also being deemed an "essential worker" and having to navigate working at Lowe's with school. These emotions range from boredom to anxious, listlessness and feeling creatively stunted. 

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